I build businesses, both my own and for clients. I share my experiences through articles and videos. I hope my story gives you value.
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Teaching and coaching comes naturally, and I had an amazing time coaching three business competition teams, all who finished in the top ten for case competitions and top three for business simulations. Being a coach to business owners now is much the same, but the stakes are much higher when your clients are the judges.

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Business School

I left business school half way through second year, worked for six years before returning to complete my BBA. The work experience gave my education new meaning and I finished with a Bachelors in Business Administration, Business Management and a Diploma in Marketing. Going back to school changed my perspective on business and refined my skills.

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  • After 11 Years…

    Perspective is a little different when you’re in the classroom after years in business. Here’s my take.

  • Best Parts of College

    School or Work? I have both now, and I wouldn’t trade my college experience. Here’s 5 things I got out of college.

Marketing Professional

I’ve always been entrepreneurial, curious about business and like sharing the how-to with others that can gain value from my experience. Working in different marketing roles, I’m aware of the questions and challenges that any marketer goes through. I’ve been in-house on the client side, consulted in a few industries, and now I’m running a full-service agency; leading a select bunch of clients as their outsourced marketing department.

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  • On Personal Branding…

    I’ve been building brands for clients through out my career. Now its personal. Here’s the building blocks to getting started.

  • Continuing to Grow

    Nothing should slow your growth, including being hit by a milk truck. This is how I’m scaling our business to facilitate growth.

  • Quality over Quantity

    Yes, its an old adage. Still true to this day, quality content wins! Learn why content needs to be great.

  • 37,000+ Followers

    For a sneaker blog? Here’s the formula I put into practice to gain a super active community of sneakerheads.

Who is this website for?

Lets be honest, if I didn’t talk about the audience for this site, I wouldn’t be much of a marketer. Identifying your target market is crucial. My primary audience is myself. Starting chrismilton.ca was part of my lack of documentation through my career. While this site is sharing my own experiences building businesses, working on marketing campaigns and my perspective on trends, my intention is to deliver value to my audience. The audience that I believe will be getting the most out of my work here are those trying to get ahead in their businesses. My speciality is working with companies in sports, entertainment and real estate, I believe most of the branding messaging is universal. You need to create an awesome product or service and distribute it through the best channels to reach your ideal clients. Going beyond my content, occasionally I am available to work one-on-one with clients and love attending events and sharing presentations and keynotes on marketing, social media, branding and business. The same topics you’ll find on the blog.

You can’t be a marketing guy without talking about your target market.

The world of marketing is constantly growing and shifting, everyday there are opportunities to connect with people. It can be a struggle to make an impression with the right people: your target audience, those who might make a purchase from you. I’m looking to connect with people looking to get an edge in their business. From reading my posts or watching videos, booking a coaching session or having me speak, my top priority is adding value to you. I appreciate feedback on how to improve the site and what you are looking for to help you attain your goals.