Are you out of Touch? Data helps you sell.

The many different CRM and social listening tools that exist are really helpful when you know that they exist.  Yes, they are easy to use.  They are designed to have a simple user experience so that even dinosaur sales people can benefit too. I’ve had too many conversations with other marketing people who love data (some more than me) and are having a difficult time with sales people failing to use new technology. This is a gap in how they are thinking about the additional few minutes to update contacts, rather than the data benefiting their sales process.
Here’s a few stories from our experiences that illustrate that data is a big deal!

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Data helps you sell:  You guys are everywhere!

After having the initial sales meeting, one client’s top sales people (who was reluctant to use the CRM) decided to enter the clients info following an average first appointment.  Spending years managing leads with a calendar, notebook and his headspace, this was finally a step in the right direction. Even though they are the local market leader, he was amazed when the prospect called him at the end of the week saying, “Since our meeting, I see you guys everywhere. Let’s talk more about working together.”  The deal closed quickly, and his overall closing ratio is much better now that he always uses the CRM.
Behind the scenes: Our retargeting campaign is linked into the CRM with a few different campaigns based on client tags, the new entry populated into our “in progress campaign” which has a soft close technique that focuses on further educating prospects about the company.

Take aways:

  • A face-to-face meeting can fuel your digital campaign.
  • Retargeting works when you have the right info.
  • You can spend less time on the phone, chasing. Let your automation get prospects closer to a deal.

Data helps you sell: Who was that? I see her in here every week.

On an average weekday, the store had little traffic, but they had one of their best days.  The sales manager noticed a familiar face in the afternoon that purchased over 30% of their daily sales total.  After looking back for previous transactions, this was a regular occurrence.  The manager asked her sales people who the customer was.  The sales person said, “I see her in here every week, but she always turns down joining our points club.  I have no idea who she is.”  This was a wake-up call to the manager. After asking us how to solve it, we decided that social wifi was best.  The game changed.  That frequent customer, her name is Jessica, who didn’t want to buy into the loyalty program suddenly started to bring friends, review their products online and unofficially became a brand ambassador.
Behind the scenes: Our social wifi solution captures social or email information when visitors log into wifi. This fuels a “come-see-us-again” campaign that messages when the client leaves, saying “Thanks for visiting us today” and other custom triggers, including incentives for visiting again, referring friends, loyalty perks and sharing testimonials.

Take aways:

  • Monetizing free services on-site can be a game changer.
  • Timing interactions based on your transaction frequency improves retention.
  • Interact with clients outside of the retail space.

Data helps you sell:  How many times can you clone by best client?

While we were going through on boarding with a new client, we asked one of our typical questions, “Tell me about your best customer. What makes them your ideal to you?”
“Over the past 5 years, we have worked with them.  They are a growing company both in size and with our organization.  They have doubled their annual spending in the time we have worked with them.  We never worry about losing them to a competitor because they value their vendors so much and know the time it would take for them to change part of their operations.”
We left with a very accurate picture of company industry, number of employees, expected spending, annual growth, products used, expectations, leadership structure and buying cycle.  This lead to an increase in the sales funnel performance.  The client loved the lower lead-acquisition-cost, increase in the number of leads and the quality of leads.  The longer the campaign ran, the numbers continued to improve.
The client added more “best customers” and has now changed how their sales team finds leads and pursues new business.  There isn’t time to service accounts that cause more headache than profits.
Behind the scenes: We love data.  The more data we get about our target, the stronger campaign we can build. In this case, our client could paint an extremely detailed picture which we used to create 3 distinct profiles. We layered this with the company’s core competencies and best sellers.  We created campaigns in print, radio and on digital to reach our target with specific landing pages using content to convert.  As the campaign continued, we used retargeting to further refine the response rate and make the campaign more efficient.

Take aways:

  • Your best clients are not unicorns. You can always find more like them.
  • The knowledge you have of your best clients is more powerful than you think.
  • Grow your business sustainably by getting valuable clients, rather than just more revenue.

Data helps you sell: Use it!

These are a slice of the massive data pie that exists.  The bottom line: data increases the function of your sales process.  Salespeople don’t need to be worried about “guarding leads” or “keeping clients close to their chest.” Data can benefit your sales and marketing…. if you use it.


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