My Fully Transparent Sales Funnel


Transparency is good, right? Right. In the case for knowledge and sharing, yes.  So, here we go, this is my funnel, the same thing that you can create for your own brand in my content marketing course.  Nothing like a little shameless self-promotion to kick-off this post!  Let’s get into the content: Here’s a brief overview of the process I …

Why I’m Building an Online Course for Marketing

an online course for digital marketing and content marketing to build sales funnels by chris milton

My name is Chris, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my business.  The biggest was structuring my agency to thrive for top performing clients and missing a huge opportunity with the entrepreneurs who arguably need help more than the larger clients. 


Why Marketing to Everyone is Actually Marketing to No One Well.

Its easier to market to small groups chris milton

I recently had a great chat with a friend who’s getting ready to launch courses of his own.  They are amazing and appeal to a wide variety of people.  While that is a test of a great product, it actually makes your marketing a little more difficult.  You don’t want to push the same message to every possible person because …


Defining a Target Market: Matching your products with People

target market quote and marketing tips chris milton

Do you ever have that feeling that you missed out on something? That you might have been the only person on the planet that didn’t get the memo? Or possibly, that something you really wanted to do just happened and you didn’t notice? You’ve probably shifted target markets. We recently went out for dinner with a group of friends and …


Top 5 Things I Got Out of My Time In College


I didn’t have the typical journey through school, it took me 11 years from start to finish to get my business degree.  I’m sure many of you can relate to the extra circulars being the reason you showed up, for me those were sports and music.  The classroom was a distant 3rd in high school and it continued in college. …

Be Happy. Love. Hustle. Repeat.


Choosing to be realistic and positive are active decisions you need to make everyday. Do it. Being negative is scientifically proven to drain more energy. Did you know it takes less effort to smile than to frown? Give your muscles a break and smile. It also combats BRF. Majority of us require people around us to aid in our success. …


How I got over 37,000 followers on Tumblr


What started as a new blogging platform turned into my first niche community that refuelled my passion for sneakers.  You really can take your passion and turn it into something amazing. Here’s my journey of building blogs on tumblr that gained a strong, loyal following. A story of sneakers, building a community, how to avoid my mistakes and leave a …


The Building Blocks of your Personal Brand

So you’ve started to build your personal brand… It’s kind of the essential part of most careers. Entrepreneurs are known just as much as the companies they run, founders are the immediate choice as the face of their start ups, and employers are skimming over resumes and looking at each candidate’s brand equity, whether it’s a blog, portfolio or social …


Math got me my First Job

As many times as I’ve told this story, it just recently hit me. Math got me my first job. Let me explain. I was heading out with a friend on a Friday night, it was 9th grade, and it started to rain.  I was equipped, but my buddy was just wearing a t-shirt. Being close to a mall, we went …