Optimize within Boundaries

To optimize within boundaries, you have to first know your parameters.  Second, know what things outside your parameters will directly effect you and who controls those things.  Third, define goals from optimization.  Fourth, sum up your tactics to form your optimization strategy.  Fifth, make it happen. To stick with my goal of writing each day, I could only make time …


I Should have started sooner.

In the last week, I’ve heard this phrase a lot. “I wish I had started [insert topic] sooner.” Hearing this phase so frequently might be personal, as a couple of projects have been delayed. There are also a couple launches that have been slow to get off the ground.  It could just be a reminder to fight procrastination as much as possible.


Let’s call this the beginning

Blogging isn’t something new to me, but this will be the first website where I’m writing as me.  Previously, I did not feel comfortable building a Chris Milton brand since writing was my least favourite subject (and provided my lowest grades) in high school.  Somehow those two things are related. Here’s the plan: