Brewmaster. Marketer. Tradeshow Hustler.

My first job took me through the many different aspects of retail.  Understanding it all (sales, merchandising, events, inventory, cash) gave me a good foundation to tackle any challenge.  The next opportunity that came along was working in the food & beverage industry for a small company.  I know.. what a jump.  From sneakers to beer and wine. From a …


Defining a Target Market: Matching your products with People

target market quote and marketing tips chris milton

Do you ever have that feeling that you missed out on something? That you might have been the only person on the planet that didn’t get the memo? Or possibly, that something you really wanted to do just happened and you didn’t notice? You’ve probably shifted target markets. We recently went out for dinner with a group of friends and …


Creating Content for Growing Websites

Creating Content doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Websites are so flexible and have many intended outcomes.  If that intention happens to include growth through content (maybe blogging, or product pages, or your portfolio). Sometimes an idea can turn into a great piece of content Sometimes an idea requires additional content to make the point Sometimes an idea needs to be a part of a bigger picture Ideas are …

Vehicle Branding gone wrong. A lesson in customer service.

Situation 12:45pm: only a little amount of time to get lunch between meetings.  Solution? McDonalds around the corner.  Drive Thru makes it easy. Two entrances to the drive thru causing both lines of cars to merge.  Left Lane. Right Lane. Left Lane.  My turn…. brakes. Full Stop.  Was I just cut off in the drive thru line?  Yes.  That just happened.

Keep it Simple

No matter the time or place, something will be new, shiny, or trendy.  Regardless of how attractive these things may be, always stick to the basics before venturing beyond. After reading Taylor Pearson’s 100K Frameworks, number 3 stuck with me the most, Be Old School, Boring and Execute, along with #6, First Sales, then Marketing.  Basically, he’s saying (because it worked) stick to …