Coaching Details

If you’re looking to progress forward and need a coach, let’s see if we could be a good fit together. Here’s what to expect from working with me:

What you can Expect by Working with Me:

  • Dedicated Time, Scheduled as you need (most clients choose monthly)
  • Detailed Follow-up / Action Items following our call
  • Insights into your business
  • Creating a roadmap over time
  • Tracking progress

Coaching Packages

2017 Coaching packages are divided by style and topic. There are group sessions for particular people and one-on-one packages that are custom tailored to suit your needs. Click Here to Book your spot. Space is limited.

6 Week Group Bootcamps

Tactics of Marketing$297

Position your brand for success this year with a six week bootcamp that cleans up your funnel and optimizes conversions. Every good marketer knows their target market and this bootcamp is perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses with high-value leads, bloggers looking to monetize and freelancers with services to sell. The content marketing strategy you’ll learn will give you confidence in scaling your business and automating much of the marketing process. Your coach, Chris Milton, has built these strategies for numerous clients who had reached their peak performance and needed a fresh perspective on how to grow their business. You can do the same! Your sales funnel will be complete and ready to scale following this bootcamp.

Masters of Selling

Start your best year of sales yet with the Masters of Selling bootcamp. Designed for B2B sales people, Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Sized businesses looking to grow! In this bootcamp we’ll cover targeting ideal customers, customer lifetime value, revenue forecasting, relationship building, retention and much more. Each topic will cover a blend of strategic thinking and actionable tactics you can apply immediately. This stuff is what I wish I had known as a salesperson on full commission, then as an entreprenuer starting up shop!

Blogging your Best

Each week learn the best practices for your blog. Unleash your creativity within the boundaries that fuel SEO and building authority in your niche. Every blogger has a passion, with Blogging your Best, the passion is focused towards growth and authority. Learn from Chris Milton about writing for keywords, blog scheduling, social distribution, developing your ideal reader, using your writing for content marketing, the most profitable ways to monetize your blog and much more. These are the things I learned along the way, and I wish I got this shortcut when I started out with my first blog!

Group Coaching
$197 per Month

Spend time with like minded Entrepreneurs on topics relevant to your business. The format is based heavily on group interaction and will require involvement from all participants. The goal is to create efficiencies in your business and create systems that scale and alleviate time constraints on the entrepreneur and management staff.

One-on-One Coaching Packages

Hourly Starting From

Dedicated time to dive into your business and find the path to accomplish your business goals or personal goals as a business owner or entrepreneur. The sessions are catered to you and your business needs. “The hour our management team looks forward to each week! We leave our call with Chris with clarity about our business and feeling confident that we’re heading in the right direction”

Individual Coaching Session

1 Month of Weekly Calls$575

3 Months of Weekly Calls$1379

6 Months of Weekly Calls$2290

12 Months of Weekly Calls$3549

My first opportunity to coach was in high school working with a younger team at our school. My first opportunity to train staff was at my first job, teaching product knowledge to our sales team. Sharing knowledge has always been enjoyable, but my passion is seeing the results after putting the advice into practice. Both of those teams had a desire to win. Same with the clients that I have the opportunity to work with.

Every week we look forward to our call with Chris. It gets our heads out of the daily grind and focused on our business growth.Elaine L.

Custom Tailored

Over the years of working with numerous companies in a variety of industries, I’ve found that my skills, philosophy and knowledge base are best suited to a handful of people, industries and situations. This isn’t to say I won’t work with anyone outside of this area, but I’m confident in delivering results for the following:


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Social Media Plan
  • Situational Analysis

Industry Knowledge

  • Real Estate
  • Professional Services
  • Sports Organizations
  • Design Firms


  • Founders
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Competitive Teams

Unfortunately, there is a finite amount of time each day and I’m dedicated to each of the clients that I’m working with. While I would like to help as many people possible, I’m limited to the number of clients that I can work with each week. At this time, I do have a few spots available for new clients.

Please email me,, I hope to speak with you soon and get started.