Content Quality over Quantity

Content Quality wins

Content quality truly counts.  Both for ranking on search engines and for user engagement. I got it wrong.  Initially, I launched with the idea of writing everyday.  While that is still true, I have quickly realized that I cannot publish everyday.  The time that it takes to get a post from thought to draft to published is something that doesn’t work on a daily basis.

Now its time to change the plan.

I think its very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better. @ElonMusk

The shift in publishing on chrismilton.ca will be done with a quality focus.  It is more beneficial to be writing for 3 days to generate one quality post than have 3 quick posts to meet a “daily publishing” quota. This is better.

Quality gets Rewarded

yoast OK score SEO

To start with the obvious: Google rewards site with better content.  In order for positive SEO criteria to be met, quality must be written. If you take a look at this photo, the current Yoast score up to this sentence, you can see that there is a long way to go.  It is a little bias since I updated much of the search criteria after writing the first paragraph, not after the entire post.  The metrics that are used on Yoast SEO is one of the best guidelines for checking all the boxes for content quality.

If we also look at the game changing publisher, Medium, the same theory follows. A recent article from Mike Sall breaks down why publishing time doesn’t matter.

What does matter are two things:

  1. How much effort you put into writing something engaging
  2. How many followers you have

Once you account for those two factors, the publish time makes no difference. @sall

The references he makes to all of the publishers using the Medium platform is to stop thinking about length of post, time published, or word count.  Put your effort into content quality.

Bottom line: Readers enjoy sites with better content.  Readers subscribe more often to sites with quality.

Even in our time with shrinking attention, quality content keeps people engaged.

Next Steps / Publishing Schedule

Here’s the honest truth on my dashboard.  I have more drafts sitting there that are partially written (or worse) than published posts:

more drafts on wordpress dashboard than published posts


Look.  Amazing titles that need to see the light of day.  But, without having the couple days to work on each, they probably will not have enough content to be published.

To focus on content quality, this is my to do list.  Step one will be this post, followed one-by-one until this drafts is manageable and these awesome posts have been published.  No guarantee on time for each but as each is posted, I’ll update this post with links to each. This is the new road map.

[Photo Cred Update] A few people have asked about the photo in the background of the post.  This was actually one of the best meals we had while our family was on vacation in Paris in the summer of 2014.  The restaurant is called La Fontaine de Mars and if you’re looking for a classy place that serves an amazing meal, I’d recommend it.


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