Getting Tactical: Business Tactics to Build your Strategy

Getting Tactical - Chris Milton's Business Tactics to build Business Strategy
Often confused, tactics and strategy are the elements of business planning and activity. The tactics are the activities and actions that may not seem to make a big impact, but repeated or combined with other elements create a strong business. The Strategy is both the sum of all tactics and the guiding light for the overall business..

Moving forward, I’ve chosen to focus on business tactics.  For a couple of reasons:

Business Tactics can be applied Immediately

Many of the tactics in business can be duplicated into different situations and businesses. Without thinking about the type of business or stage they are in, tactics can be taken and applied. Not needing to know whether a business is in start-up or established, giving 5 tips on getting new leads can be more valuable to anyone reading.  The shift to tactics also mean I can bring in experts to discuss different tactics that I’m curious about (or you can request as well) and see how they are doing big things in their business.

Business Strategy is Huge and Requires Customization

Being a sum of many tactics, strategy can be difficult to appeal to an audience larger than one-to-one (that’s what coaching is for).  Each tactic’s outcome will have a different impact on each business.  A start-up getting their first 100 sales is a major accomplishment, while another 100 sales for an established retailer will be an incremental change.  Strategy is a huge, long term focus that all businesses need, but you wouldn’t be looking around online to find something perfect for your business.  A cookie-cutter business strategy is only available at a high level.  It won’t give you the relevant facts and applicable details for your situation.

Business Strategy is not universally measurable, Business Tactics are. 

While you can take the tactics and apply them right away, strategy takes a long time to measure and see the results.  The hardest part for people starting out is sticking with it.  I want to hear what’s happening in your business that’s working.  Rarely will someone just say my “strategy is awesome” … its usually the small stuff like “my freebie is getting a lot of leads” or “I just got 5 new clients using social media marketing”

Setting Expectations

The content moving forward will be breaking down different parts of my business, the sales funnel and the tools I use to get things done. Each of these articles will focus on giving you a blueprint of how to use it in your business.  Every so often, I’ll put together a few tactics that make a mini-strategy to overhaul one aspect of your business.  Or it could be a case study of what exactly to do on a particular platform or what tools are literally in my bag being used every day.
Utilizing different types of content, get ready for new videos and the launch of the podcast. Both of these types of content will lead to better content repurposing and by default produce more blog posts.
Over your time reading this blog, I hope the tactics will get your business moving ahead and hopefully will give you a clear understanding of how your strategy can be developed.

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