Be Happy. Love. Hustle. Repeat.


Be Happy.

Choosing to be realistic and positive are active decisions you need to make everyday. Do it. Being negative is scientifically proven to drain more energy. Did you know it takes less effort to smile than to frown? Give your muscles a break and smile. It also combats BRF. Majority of us require people around us to aid in our success. Building these relationships works much better when you take a proactive, positive approach. Choose to be happy. Its contagious. And on those shitty days, it reciprocates back to you. Start today, turn that frown upside down.


It was hard for me to change gears after being a chronic work-a-holic who put work above everything. While I love what I do, there is nothing better than my family. Choosing to have family time with my wife, daughter and dog is priceless. The Chris from 10 years ago would have thought that time could have been utilized better, but, I see how much my family time fuels me to accomplish more. Don’t fear falling in love, or spending time with the kids. Those precious moments cannot be replaced. You’ll be able to replace a client who doesn’t understand, but you cannot undo your kid’s first steps.


I see that motivation is divided into two categories; your either running towards something better than the present or your running from something worse. Either way, don’t waste the day. Make progress every, single day. Hustle is working hard, smart and leveraging your strengths. Take advantage of the skills and knowledge you have to help progress. When you hustle, good things happen. If you’re ever stuck, get things started again by watching someone hustle. Seeing the tactics might be the jump start you need.


What if you could make a small significant impact everyday? How would next week look? How would next month look? How about next year?

The compounding impact that can be made by little steps daily is huge! Don’t underestimate how quickly you can accomplish goals that you may have, or milestones your going after. Setting the goals is half the battle, staying focused on those goals day after day is the other half. I have come to realize its not about the accomplishment, its about knowing that you can get there.

Let’s Talk about process for a minute.

The older I get, the less shits I have to give. Its not because they have been used up, but there are more important things that require my full attention. Primarily, family & work. Sorry friends, my social agenda has slipped way down the priority list, and I feel like I need to explain that.

The more that I think about the way I work, the way I think and how to leverage this, the more I realize that priorities are the most important part of each day. There is no way that an ambitious person can have overnight success because they built Rome in a day. Its not going to happen. Each day, my priorities are listed above. Be positive, take care of your inner circle, make an impact and do it all over again.

The process that I go through on a daily basis is ad-hoc at best. I don’t have a formula, there isn’t magic and unfortunately, I don’t have a perfect system in place. As I grow, these things will come and I’ll be happy to share.  Until that time, the process will be documented to the best of my ability in hopes that my monologue adds value to future me and to you.

Now, get back to your regularly scheduled hustle.

Go Get It.

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