Hiring me gets you more than a canned presentation and a vanishing speaker.

I love to engage with the audience and when possible, I like to stay for your entire event and get to know your audience better.



To me, its more than a talk or presentation, I want your audience to feel they have a game plan or take away that can be applied immediately following your event. I prefer to speak on topics that I’m hands-on with. As a founding partner of a full-service marketing agency, I get to work with clients in Real Estate, Fitness, Accounting, Health, Finance and Construction every day. Talking about strategy and tactics for their branding, sales & marketing. I have a constant curiosity for understanding what works and how to get people and companies moving in the right direction.

What you can Expect by Hiring Me:

  • Planning discussion about presentation topics and learning about your event and your audience, I want to deliver the most impact.
  • Outlining my presentation and sending you the slides ahead of time.
  • Engaging with the audience on site and knowledgeably answering questions they have about my topic or experience
  • Making my slides and other relevant resources available for your audience on my website.
  • Mentioning your event on my social media channels.
  • Sharing any video or photos you have of my presentation with my audience.

My job is to deliver the value you’ve promised to your attendees.
It goes beyond the presentation”

Popular Speaking Topics

The Building Blocks of your Personal Brand
Making Social Media Work For You
Content Can Be King
Data Helps You Sell

These are some articles that have been written to follow up on speaking topics or as I prepare for a keynote presentation. I’m happy to cater these particular speaking topics to your event or create a talk from scratch that suits your audience and will deliver the best message.