Why Marketing to Everyone is Actually Marketing to No One Well.

Its easier to market to small groups chris milton

I recently had a great chat with a friend who’s getting ready to launch courses of his own.  They are amazing and appeal to a wide variety of people.  While that is a test of a great product, it actually makes your marketing a little more difficult.  You don’t want to push the same message to every possible person because it will dilute your results.

An example that comes to mind is the recent Snickers ads ” your not yourself when you’re hungry.” Think of the placement for each of the two videos as they have distinctly different audiences that target different age groups, geography and interests.

#1 Snickers – “Mr. Bean”

#2 Snickers Superbowl 2016 “Marilyn”

These two different videos are both 100% on brand and great advertisements. However, few people have seen them both, here’s why:

Marketing to everyone is a waste of money

The goal of digital marketing is to reach people in a one-on-one or individualized space. Creating an offer that feels personalized performs better. After all, we are individuals, we like things being catered to each of us. I’ll be your best customer service experience were those that were personalized, am I right?

Take the time to figure out your target market and include at least 10 things you know about them. These are the people you want to work with (and you probably know them better than you think). These things can be simple, don’t over think them. I start by asking the following questions:

  • Gender? Male or Female?
  • Age group?
  • City?
  • Is that urban, suburban or rural?
  • Job title?
  • Married?
  • Kids?
  • Top priority in life?
  • Favorite brand?
  • Favorite pastime?
  • Favorite meal?

These things get me started, and it usually turns into 20-25 bullet points that go as deep as pages they like on Facebook, how active they are on twitter, what is their favourite band, sports team, etc.  It’s all about painting a picture as clear as possible.

Your goal is to create these profiles of ideal customers that you can specifically target.  Broad, mass marketing requires big budgets. You can get around this by hacking your focus to be micro audiences.

Marketing to everyone forces your message to be overly generalized

I recently answered a question from someone who wanted to know how to be funny with blog titles. And the answer I gave was “know your reader.” Think about the last time you heard a joke that make the entire room laugh… Still thinking… I can’t.  It’s damn hard.

The reason? We all have different tastes in comedy.

My point, just like it’s easier to make a specific, small group of like-minded people laugh at your jokes, it’s easier to get a small focused group of people to respond to your ads.

Even if my product applies to anyone who has a website, I want to cater the advertising message different to athletes, musicians, bloggers and teachers.  All will have a different reason to be drawn to the product, but they will all see value.  I don’t want to risk none of them even wanting the product because my message is too generalized.

Marketing to everyone blurs your stats

Retargeting is awesome! Let me repeat, retargeting is awesome! So don’t screw up your stats and slow it down.  By being unfocused on your audience, you are taking longer to build your ideal audience profiles. There are too many outliers for your retargeting to trim down to a lean, converting group of people.

Your stats will look funny, and your back to the first point. You’ll be wasting money on your campaigns.

Focus and Win.

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  1. Fatal Jay

    This was an incredible break down, first year of my website I did zero marketing. Marketing is so essential and I seen it around me.

    1. Post

      Thanks Fatal Jay. Sales & Marketing have been key for growth everywhere I’ve worked and for the businesses I’ve started.

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