November 2016 Recap

November 2016 Monthly Online Business Recap by Chris Milton
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Checking-in with an update on what’s happening with me in the business! November was a BIG month for me, and I hope what was accomplished creates some momentum into the future. The month started with me leaving the agency I started. I under estimated the amount of time it would take to officially step away, making sure everything was in order.  The month ended with a great workshop hosted by my good friend, Graham Young.  The workshop put my goal setting focused in the right direction and I already feel like I’ve got a head start on 2017!
Full Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links to products that I’m using and really enjoying.  If you choose to purchase something using these links, I’ll receive a commission.

My Automation Goal

Going out on my own meant a couple of things needed to change.  Without a large team to execute work, I needed to scale my business with a much heavier reliance on technology that gives me more time.  If I’m getting paid for my expertise, then I feel that should be free to be deployed.  For the foreseeable future, my goal is to create one new automation per week that benefits my business and gains time back.  I’m not trying to create an ATM, there will still be lots of work required to achieve something great, but I’d like to think that I can focus on the most important things while leveraging technology.
Here’s a couple of automations that are now in place!

Email Automation

I think I had analysis paralysis trying to figure out what marketing automation tool to use.  I am familiar with the big tools, but its too much for me right now (both cost and features).  I needed something simple, easy to use and that can scale.  I’m happy to say that I love drip!
There’s a lot of features that I want to put in place, I have activated the opt-in boxes and an auto responder for a speaking gig! Its a small start, but I’m happy that its in place – I believe that my email list will become the biggest asset in my business.  Thanks for your support!

Online Marketing Course

The pre-registration and course outline are posted on Teachable and I’m very excited to have people already signed up for the course!  If you’re interested in kicking-off the new year with a new marketing strategy this course is for you.  Its a content marketing bootcamp that refocuses your brand using the marketing building blocks that I’ve been using with clients over the years.  Its stuff that just works!

Speaking Inquiries

One of the things I really like doing is speaking publicly and doing workshops live.  Something about having an audience in person and getting immediate feedback is really rewarding.  A big part of getting these gigs is having a great speaking page that represents who I am and how I present.  There’s a long way to go on making this page polished, but one automation that I’m really happy with the Google Form that is set up to handle the inquires from potential event managers who are looking for speakers.  The free tools that Google offers are totally under utilized by most people.

Page Templates

Adding information to any website can be a tall task, making it faster isn’t an automation, but having page templates ready to go for speaking follow-ups and group coaching is a big shortcut! Launching a new group coaching bootcamp or doing a followup page from a speaking gig is much easier.

Check off the To Do List!

A few big tasks are completed and I feel they were long overdue.  Both foundations that are needed for building a successful business online.

Resources Page

A necessary page for any online marketing professional. My resources page includes all of the tools that I use – some of which include affiliate links.  Some internet marketers count their resources page as the most profitable part of their business.  I’m still working on the rest of my monetization plan for the website, but this is a big start.

Facebook for Community

I’ve heard over the years that many people are using Facebook to manage create and manage their communities. While I don’t have a big community or audience yet, I did spend a lot of time getting to know others on a similar journey, blogging, building businesses online and growing their companies.  I figured its no better time than the present and I’ve launched the Tactics of Marketing group to start a home for the community that I’m building through this blog, upcoming courses, coaching clients, and listeners of the podcast launching in the new year (stay tuned for details).

December Must Do List:

Now for what’s ahead.  I’m not sure yet of when I should be sharing projects that I’m working on.  I see the value of making things public knowledge to keep accountable to them, but I also know with so much going on, the lead time on some of the projects might seem counter productive.  Here’s what I’m working on this month that will be ready to launch prior to February 1st:


November was a big research month for me to see how much value I could drive with freebies!  The best format that I think works for promoting a course is webinars.  I’ve been watching many and have a couple different ones to try out! In order to properly have the webinars running, I’m going to need something to run them with and I’ve narrowed it down to using Webinar Jam, Webex, Google Hangouts / YouTube Live or Expertise.tv. All have great reviews, but have very different features and benefits.  Once I’ve picked a platform, I’ll be sure to do a comprehensive review about all three.


The format is coming along, I really like the idea of each episode having relevant and actionable tips that can be applied quickly and easily.  Offering the format variety of just me, shows with co-hosts, case studies, interviews with guests and some live coverage.  I think podcasting is a great opportunity to communicate with an audience, build an audience and from a listeners perspective, consume content.  Personally, I have a regular rotation that I’ve got going whenever I’m driving.  Its a great time to learn and I want to give the platform a serious go.


There’s a couple of projects that I’m working on for starting 2017 the right way.  I’m very excited to announce these coming up soon, with some special offers.  Please subscribe to the email so you don’t miss out.  The idea is to get your head right and your business right to make 2017 amazing!  The format for the group coaching will be a 6-week bootcamp style with only 20 spots available.  Final details are coming together now, and the feedback has been really encouraging.  Thanks!

Course Content Videos

While the outline is up and pre-registration is happening, the course videos still need to be filmed and edited. I’m happy with how the content is coming along, just need to get the final product up so learning can begin!  I’m super thrilled with this new chapter unfolding.  I’ve really enjoyed video in 2016, did a few weeks of vlogging, learned how to edit and realized that video isn’t as scary as I thought.

Chris Milton says my goal is to create one new automation per week that benefits my business and gains time back.Summary

November has flown by, and it didn’t feel like this much happened until I did this recap.  Each month, this is a valuable exercise in reflecting on completed work, readjusting goals and getting focused again.  You can count on me to be transparent with these monthly reports and I’m happy to reply to any questions or feedback you have.  Go make December great!

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