Reading Recap: This Week’s List

reading list

I’m an advocate for reading.  Its not something that I enjoyed for years during school but a strong reading habit is easily reflected in daily communication skills, leads to an increase in productivity and helps in conversation.  Although it has been a packed week, I always make time to read.  Here’s a few great articles I read this week:

Do Things That Don’t Scale by Paul Graham.

“Hustle” and getting hired by a startup by Josh Elman

Does Sugar Help you Focus? by Rosie Cima

The Future of Web Design is Hidden in the History of Architecture by Mike Sall

2 Tricks to Skyrocket your Productivity by Graham Young

Is it ever OK to be cruel, nasty, brutish and short? by Lexi Reese

All of these authors are people who consistently generate good content to read, I would consider book marking them, or subscribing to their posts.  Its so much easier to read when great content shows up in your inbox.

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