Resources for Business

Welcome to my resources page. These are things that I use or have used in my business and have really liked. I’m always looking for an edge in business, and I hope some of these resources can help you out as well.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission.

My Website

I’m surprised how many compliments I get on this website, its actually been a breeze building and maintaining. I run on WordPress, use the X theme by and it looks great, simple to use.

My Website Formula

Marketing Tools

My digital team is made up of tools that let me scale my business. The mail tools I need help automate my sales funnel and allow me to focus on the things technology can’t do. For now, my system is relatively lean and there’s a few tools that I can’t live without.

Recommended Tools

Course Resources

I’ve thought about building an online course for multiple reasons in the past. Until I found a great way to power the course and solid tools to get more leads, I didn’t pull the trigger. Here’s my setup:

Online Course Resources


Its essential to have communication with you and the people that matter in your business. Most importantly for me is my team and my audience. Email and messenger programs are essential to keeping on track. Here’s what I like to use.

Communication Tools

Technology & Gear

I have a love/hate relationship with my gear. I really love seeing all the new gadgets, but hate it when they slow me down. My checklist is always changing to keep me portable, productive and profitable. Here’s what I’m currently relying on:

My Tech Setup

Marketing Training

After years of working in marketing, I’ve put together a couple of different options to get help with becoming a marketing pro. Working with me one-on-one, in a group or in an online course, I want you to become a sales & marketing all star!

Marketing Training

Marketing Certifications


I’ve struggled with productivity in my career. I feel its important to get the most important things done, and while I’m not perfect, I have found some tools that keep me focused on getting more done.

Tools to Help with Productivity


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Starting an Online Store

Starting an online store can look tougher than it actually is. After starting our online boutique using these tools, I’m happy to recommend Shopify and Oberlo to everyone. Its a simple solution to launch your ecommerce store.

Tools to Start an Online Store