I Should have started sooner.

In the last week, I’ve heard this phrase a lot. “I wish I had started [insert topic] sooner.”

Hearing this phase so frequently might be personal, as a couple of projects have been delayed. There are also a couple launches that have been slow to get off the ground.  It could just be a reminder to fight procrastination as much as possible.

After thinking about this each time I hear the phrase, I dive into the explanations or excuses to justify the slow or delayed starts.  Finding a reason other than my usual, “you could have worked harder, longer, smarter to get it finished,” yet now I’m realizing that my usual forceful logic doesn’t apply with multiple people involved.  Only starting sooner would have resolved some of these looming deadlines and delays.

Everyone can relate to delays. The traffic is jammed because of an accident.  Late to work because of traffic.  Didn’t complete my task yesterday because it was a bad day.

To avoid procrastination in the future, I thought having a list of reminders would help.  Here’s somethings that are a good reminder for me to start moving.

Practice Makes you Better. Start Sooner. Start Now.

Why start now?

  1. Remove Doubts.  Avoid saying I should have started sooner in the next week, month, year…
  2. Practice makes you better.  It may not make you perfect, but it will improve what you are working on. The more time you have the more practice you can get.
  3. Track Record.  There are some companies who seem to break out after being in business for years.  That extra time spend working away at something usually counts.
  4. Proof of Concept. The faster you can arrive at the proof of concept, the faster optimization and scaling can begin.
  5. Quicker Success.  Every journey of success has milestones that usually happen when opportunity and preparedness meet.  Be prepared so opportunities aren’t lost.

Fight Procrastination

Get moving with your next goal, start that project.  Don’t look back and think “I should have started sooner”

[photo cred: bond university on Tumblr]

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