This is the Start of Vlogging

More requests are coming from our clients to have video. Some are even expecting video as part of their campaigns. While we have a fantastic video team, I was a bit shaky to understanding the marketing side of video, particularly optimizing YouTube channels.  We’ve used YouTube to upload videos in the past to fuel campaigns and web content, but making a channel a success is unknown territory right now.

After “doing research” and learning content styles (yes, that translates to watching a ton of videos) from the top channels on YouTube I feel much better.  While some have a serious cinematic background with viral videos already in tow, others have built a brand around consistent uploads and daily content.

capture the moment and start vlogging

The blog has been a love and guilty pleasure for years, it won’t stop. Vlogging feels like the right next step.  Way to many times I’ve been stuck wanting to share parts of conversations or advice I’ve given to clients.  While that turns into a great title or subject, it can’t be written quite like capturing the moment.  Being a Dad now, Jeanette and I also thought this would be a great way to improve catching moments as Melia grows up.

Enjoy.  Let me know what you think, please subscribe and I’ll take any advice you have about vlogging.
My 25 second video montage includes:


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